Sample Sundays: Diamond Cuts

Before Kanye West rapped about conflict diamonds in his chain and Rocafella diamond hand gestures, Shirley Bassey sang this love song about her bestie in the opening theme to the (Sean Connery)007 picture “Diamonds Are Forever.” Both songs’ lyrics reek of deep insecurity, but are incredible! The movie is dope too!



I used to joke about giving money to OJ every time a Brotha gets killed by police or some random (cause he’s the only one to way with it). The shit isn’t funny at all, however. There have been too many innocent Brothas added to the list of Police fatalities. Really, it’s not just black men, but women and poor white men are becoming victim of a police state. You’ve seen hella videos with police beating, tasering, or pepper-spraying all varieties of people. I’m supposed to make jokes but it’s not at all funny.
What is funny is how much money police departments spend on lawsuit settlements. It’s like they set aside an extra budget to harass and kill. And the “They” is we, since it’s our tax dollars that fund these agencies and their budgets.

Now that I think bout it, it’s still not funny.