Remember when singers sang about a woman and it wasn’t just about sex. Up until about the mid- 2000’s cats used to sing about passion and dilemmas in love.. now cats sing so passionately about bottle service in VIP at the club and graphic fuckin’, with Trey Songz (aka “Mr. steal your girl”) leading the pack of artists who’ve squandered their talents. The greatest example of the classic era Boyz II Men. The Latest Example of would be Jaheim. LMNO at “End of the Road” at 2:37 when dude admits he knows his lady was cheating but still doesn’t care and just wants her back.

after the jump I’ll tell you I blame for the decline!

R. Kelly DUH!!.. R. Kelly actually plays both sides.. but ever since he started singing about the after party, and my favorite, the After After Party, the game has been fucked up!

What’s the most heartfelt R&B record in your opinion? I gotta go with ANYTHING by Jaheim ft. Next

but I’m LMNO at the rest of this bullshit!


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