LmnO @ Weiner Photo Scandals

Athletes do it. Entertainers Do it.  Now that politician Anthony Weiner’s (D-Rep., NY) photos got exposed, its safe to say that birds and bees probably do it too!  I think it would be more scandalous for a man named Weiner NOT to send photos of his dick to random chicks.. it is, after all The Representative Weiner of New York!  How else is he gonna represent??

I sent my “headshot” out before.. It’s really just the new way to moon somebody.. Chicks might view it as a sign of a bad attempt to pick her up.  I do it when

I’ve drunk and want to show my magnificent penis without having to risk my freedom pulling it out in public.  Not to mention holding up traffic- that’s not cool!  Whether or not that gets the girl.. The look on the face is satisfactory enough.

Send one today!


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