LmnO @ Geek Groupies


When I was in high school, there were no females in the comic book store with me. Now somehow geeks are in vogue and chicks drive out in droves to have wild weekends at Comic-Con! The whole thing smells like an All-Star game-typed groupie racket! These skanks just wanna dress in costume and cozy up with a nerd baller with disposable income. These geek groupies dont know what Wizard is and cant name 3 books from Image! There are some women genuinely interested in fantasy, it’s mostly to escape their feeling of being “not hot” (I say feelings cause same of the geek females are fine up under those humble clothes but don’t agree).

Not saying that females should maintain their unhealthy attractions to bad boys, thugs, gangsters and douchebags, cause they’ll hurt you emotionally and physically, but it’s the dude with the thick glasses and the massive action figure collection that will eat your bone marrow on some CSI/Criminal Minds shit!

But let me laugh my nuts off at these corny ass beezies here!


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