Cat People


I only used the term “J Cat” to mean a flaky or ignorant person but Urban Dictionary has helped me apply the term more broadly.. Like all the people who are taking psyche pills (prescribed or recreationally)! Urban Dictionary says:

Otherwise known as “Category J” in the California Penal Code, it refers to an inmate deemed too mentally unstable to remain in General Population.

“Motherfucker went J Cat on someone in the yard; now he’s in ADSEG.”

195 50
J Cat

(Prison/Jail Term) Any person who is mentally unstable or requires psyche drugs to maintain.

That fool over there talking to himself, walking like a chicken is a J Cat.

284 108
j cat

An individual who is looped up on psychiatric medications.

That girl’s a j cat.

127 84
J Cat

origin; bay area, california. 1)a person who is considered a fag or gay by their peers. 2)someone who is considered to be an idiot. 3) an irritating person

That guy over there that just ran over the curb is a j cat.
He wanted to see your penis? He must be a j cat!
Why is he trying to be so hard? Look at this j cat.

100 163
“j cat”

A person who does not follow through on something that they said they would do.or they fake on something that was planned out…

Maurice is a j cat because he didn’t show up to the party like he said he would

And here’s a video of a dude rapping about J Cats in the liquor store and in front of his ride! Very exciting shit!! THE COMMENTS ON THIS VIDEO IS PURE COMEDY


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