LmnO @ My Ninja Raphael


What can I say? I identify with Raphael. The only turtle in the gang to challenge the world around him. When Splinter urged the turtles to hide underground, knowing the surface dwellers wouldn’t accept them, it was Raphael who had the courage to try for himself. When he said you can’t take on Shredder head on, he suited up and simultaneously challenged the villain and his father. The other turtles took Master Splinter’s word as law, Raphael saw them more as “guidelines.” I never dug his weapon, but it makes sense that Raph would chose the sai, the closest range weapon; he took pleasure in kickin ass up close and personal style. AND he low key tried to spit game to April..

I did a REAL TALK session with the homie Ryan Castle about the Heroes in a half shell.. Peep!


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