LmnO @ the US Prison System

20130511-163339.jpg Its no secret that a large number of prisons in the
US are controlled, not by the government, but by corporations.
While city, state, and federal governments run prisons with the
intentions of serving justice and rehabilitating criminals,
corporations are motivated by financial gains. Those complaining
about abuses of justice by these corporate entities to fuel a
prison industrial complex (mandatory minimum sentencing, allocating
funds from education to law enforcement, etc) have been dismissed
as conspiracy theorists. It wasn’t until recently that a trusted
figure in the justice system was caught with his hand in the cookie
jar. Mark Ciavarella, former judge, was sentenced to 2&
years for his role in a “kids for cash” program. In this program
the Pennsylvania judge violated the rights of children to fill one
of these facilities for financial gains. It’s hella embarrassing
for supporters and believer of the justice system in the US.. So
embarrassing it isn’t being reported by media
in this country.
State run prisons aren’t that exempt
from their own corruption issues, either.

In Baltimore,
Black Guerilla Families gang leader, Tavon White, through bribery,
was able to turn his prison term into a summer camp!
guards were charged with smuggling contraband for the ganster. Of
those 13 guards, a number of them were females who had sexual
relations with the gang leader. Four of those women got pregnant.
Of those four, 2 got Tattoos on their body with his name!
While all of these folks are being indicted and whatnot, it’s going
to take a serious public discussion about the current climate of
the justice system in order for me to hear about the Justine in
America without me laughing my nuts off!


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