LmnO at Harrassment

Q: How many cops does it take to screw a lightbulb?
A: Depends.. Is it a black light?!

I got detained in SF cause police were looking for a similar ass nigga.

I swear I get pulled over more than a hoodie at the GAP!!

On my way from getting some pupusas, I was blindsided by these fucks, but long story short, I got a “Certificate of Release.” Like a reciept for dealing with mothafuckas jackin you up “just doing their job.” Otherwise you’ll just have the story to tell about it. it’s funny cause when they were talking shot to me on the curb and I asked whether I was being detained or arrested, they told me I was detained. I said “Good! I’ll get that ‘Certificate of Release’ when we’re done” and the officer asked in shock, “How do you know about that!?” I’m knowing about it and I want y’all to know about it too! before the cops let you go, MAKE THEM DO THAT PAPERWORK afterall, it is just “a part of their job!” I did a feature on it a while ago

reminds me of when I actually got arrested for someone else’s burglary in May, 2009.. Despite all that bullshit that happens, I’m amazed I can still Laugh my nuts off about it!


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