LmnO @ the “Genius Bar”

Fuck the Apple Store! You’d think with all the technology they have in that place, they could help a customer with something simple like printing a service quote!  I’m trying ot submit a claim for to the SF City Attorney Office to replace my iPhone screen, which was cracked during a detainment with SFPD where I had fit the description of some dude. I call the nearest Apple store to get a quote emailed or faxed to me. They say there’s no way they can do that, and I’d have to come in and see someone in person. FUCK! You’re APPLE!! This is the simplest of transactions! But whatever, I go to Apple store and they tell me I’d need an appointment with a “Genius” to handle that. How GENIUS are you fucks that you have to wait for an appointment to print a simple ass quote!? The next appointment was days away BUT the “Genius” with the tablet told me she MIGHT be able to squeeze me in with a technician, but doesn’t know how long it’ll take. Bullshit, I say!! I asked her for the Apple customer number so I can at least complain about how you fuckin geniuses over-thought printing up/ emailing some shit. Less than ten minutes of being on the phone with Apple Care, I got a quote emailed to me. I could have done THAT at the house! if I need to buy an Apple product I can do THAT at the house TOO! Now I’m wondering what the point of the Apple store is, other than something I laugh my nuts off at!


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