LmnO at Daddy Issues

Daddy Issues

A while back I shot a short with Misha Fisher, who I worked with on “Terrible People” called DADDY ISSUES. In it I play a juice bartender at a gay gym (Creamy Coco Bartendar.. i know ridiculous!) trying to get in this old dude’s draws.  The short did awesome at 2013 Outfest!  While I’m not gay I am very excited about how this short came out (no pun.. ok pun) and am very proud to share it.  Check it out below!

Misha’s father is eerily upbeat. When Misha invites him to his openly gay gym in attempts to get under his skin it backfires as his gym pals look past him and try mackin on pops!  It causes some serious DADDY ISSUES.  Look for me (Anyi Malik) spittin that gay game in this acclaimed short (17min) which featured in the 2013 Outfest’s “Plays in LOL”


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