Miley Cyrus / Juicy J : Fun Facts

Miley Cyrus, Juicy J

There’s a rumor going ’round that Miley Cyrus is preggo wit Juicy J’s offspring.. I don’t believe it, but since she came out the ratchet closet at a Juicy J concert, here are some fun Juicy J/ Miley Cyrus facts:

Juicy J is 17 years older than Miley
Billy Ray Cyrus is about 14 years older than Juicy J

Miley was born around the time in ’92 when “Achy Breaky Heart” topped charts.. in Tennessee, where Juicy J is from..

when Juicy J rapped on Tear The Club Up Thugs’ “Slob on my knob” in 1999, Miley was 7

Juicy J started “Three 6 Mafia” with DJ Paul in 1991, a year before Miley was born.. and they won the Academy Award when Miley was 13.. about 3 weeks before Hannah Montana Debuted on the Disney channel.

Miley Cyrus infamously twerked on stage at the Juicy J concert wearing the same pants Robin Thicke wore onstage when she infamously twerked at the 2013 VMAs


Last time the gov’t shut down, Juicy J was 21, and Miley Cyrus was 4


..and Obviously Anyi Malik ain’t got shit to do right now



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