LmnO @ This Fight I Broke Up Cause I Dont Have a Video Phone

dont get yourself body slammed

Hilarious scene I saw unfold the other day! I was walking on Sunset near the recording school over there.  I saw this young black dude was talking to a latino woman as this young white dude approaches.  The young white dude was calling the young black dude all kinds of niggers and rushes towards him in attack mode. the young black dude, clearly offended by the slurs, decided to accept  this fight.  Heproceed to dip his shoulder low as the other guy came at him and, with his opponents own momentum, lifted him in the air above his head and then drop him to the sidewalk like a sack of potatoes. It was some WWE type shit that I was lookin at in amazement.


Didn’t stop there..as the white dude is on the ground the young brotha proceeds to punch dude all in the face. One after another while the white kid is on the ground until he jumps off the sidewalk and rushes the black kid again.

Still a very bad idea as the young brotha, at this point seemed to have tapped into a well of deep rooted hatred and pent up frustration against such racism and unleashed it on dude’s face.


But Since I dont have a camera phone, I broke it up.. Which wasn’t easy, but I felt like in the name of peace I could’ve beat both they asses..

An off duty cop jumped out his car and tried to arrest the young brotha, but we explained how it was self defense and that the fight was brokem up. And we thanked him for his service.

Everyone learned a lesson that day. That lesson of course being,

you’re allowed to talk as much shit as you want but be cautious as life is no wrestling match so be careful and




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