LmnO @ That Kanye Fella and His Genius Samples

Kanye West Fucks with the grits?

Kanye West may be a genius but somebody on his staff is a “freakin genius” and now Kanye is getting sued for the sample on his new hit, “Bound 2” stirring up controversy 3 times for this one single! First for his performance on Fallon where he dissed Ray J (changing the opening lines to Brandy’s Lil Sister lame and you know it now..”, then by him and his baby mom/fiance(?) Kim Kardashian simulating some sex in the video.. NOW he’s getting sued by the Ponderosa Twins  cause some genius forgot to send the paperwork in and pay the people! He’s gonna have to pay cause the sample is BLATANT!.. but I think he deserves that for not lettin Charlie Wilson in on the video.. but what do I know, I’m just a non genius ass fool with a name that rhymes with a genius.. dude was a child singer, Ricky Spicer.. lil cat had pipes back then




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