@SoWaitWhatPod Vol. X with @MovieMikeScity ft. @NeillaOlio88 and @SammyObeid #comedy #math #genius #educate

Volume 10…. Episode X…… We bring in Sammy Obeid (Conan, Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent) and Ne’illa Olio (XNU Youth & Family Empowerment Advocate). Sammy took time to tell us about doing comedy for ten years transitioning from teaching and this “New math” that has evolved. Ne’illa talks about the element of mixing education with entertainment and how he works with the kids. When we decided to talk about politics we chopped it up even more about NY giving out free tuition in public school and the twist and turns of the law, how the mafia may have something to do with it, Melania Trump and her disappointment being first lady. Leave us a review!!! Share too!!!!  Twitter: @moviemikescott @anyimalik @NEILLAOLIO88 @SammyObeid #sowaitwhat Instagram: Michaelanthonyscott Anyimalik      Follow on Face book: @SoWaitWhat  Download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sowaitwhatpodcast/So+Wait+What+Episode+10.mp3 Please visit website and donate: https://sowaitwhatpod.wordpress.com


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