@SoWaitWhatPod vol. XI with @MovieMikeScott ft. @FreezeLuvComedy & @FatNegroBrickz Please Subscribe

Description: Another FIRE episode!!!!! Me (Michael Anthony Scott) and Anyi Malik chilled in the studio with Brandon Bricks (BuzzFeed) who came to chime in. We also had the well known Freeze Luv (House Party 3, Baby Boy, Malcolm and Eddie, Def Comedy Jam ). Freeze is a legendary comic from Altadena that many of us watched movies he appeared in. He told us how Rodney King (Yes that Rodney King) stole his bike, talked about the 92 riots and growing up in Altadena, CA. This volume also turned into a tribute to Charlie Murphy R.I.P. Freeze was on the road with Charlie for 8 years. Freeze also talked about how he helped out Jay Pharaoh (SNL). He also is apart of Corey Holcomb’s 5150 podcast where Aries Spears was in an altercation in a few weeks ago. We spoke about that, the FBI translator that got turned out on ISIS sex, and the Fyre Festival fiasco. Share and Review for us!!!!! Twitter: @moviemikescott @anyimalik @Freezluvcomedy @SoWaitWhatpod #sowaitwhat Instagram: Michaelanthonyscott Anyimalik   Follow on Face book: @SoWaitWhat Download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sowaitwhatpodcast/So+Wait+What+Ep.+11.mp3 Please visit website and donate: 

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