LmnO @ Reviews: I, Tonya

I, Tonya,” the biopic starring Margot Robbie, chronicles disgraced former Olympic skater Tonya Harding’s rise and fall. Inspired by interviews with Harding, her mother LaVon Golden(Allison Janney), and ex-husband Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan) conducted following the discovery of Tonya’s involvement in the attack of skating rival/nemesis Nancy Kerrigan, the film chronicles her being thrust into a cycle of violence and torment at the hands of her mother and husband. 


-The Acting: I was so disgusted and irritated with these characters it took a while for me to snap out of it and realize these are actors. That’s a sure sign of effectiveness. Allison Janney’s portrayal of Tonya’s vile and abusing mother was captivating. Robbie’s Tonya displays the incredible range of victim and aggressor. While her aloof-yet-volatile husband and makes-tough-love-look-like-coddling mother served as antagonists, Harding’s detachment from her treatment of others (“It’s not my fault” is somewhat of a recurring theme) it’s safe to say the movie is all antagonists. Special award for Paul Walter Hauser’s portrayal of the human shitstain, Shawn.

-The Execution: the style in which the story is told, jumping from scenes to interviews and even some visual effects was spectacular (especially husband in every room of empty house)

The Lowlights:

-(some) Narration: a couple (if not a few) times is the film, Tonya breaks scene and narrates to camera. I can’t stand that “Zach Morris/Clarissa Explains-It-All” none sense. Not as a kid. Not as an adult.
Runtime: 119 min, R, Biography/Drama/Sport

This was me the whole flick☝🏾️
🔥🔥🔥🔥 (out of 5)



-Best Lead Actress, Margot Robbie

-Best Supporting Actress, Allison Janney
Golden Globe Awards:

-Best Movie

-Best Lead Actress, Margot Robbie

-Best Supporting Actress, Allison Janney


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