LmnO @ Reviews: Get Out

Get Out is a Sci-Fi Suspense Thriller about Chris(Daniel Kaluuya), who is in an interracial relationship, meeting and spending the weekend with his girlfriend, Rose’s (Allison Williams) parents. Awkwardness in conversations on race become the least of Luke’s worries when he discovers a sinister plot being carried out on the family’s property

-Misdirection: It’s difficult to praise twists in this story without giving up spoilers. I will say, though, that the surprises that come out are fun to watch and very effective at keeping you engaged. 

-Lil Rel: the best friend/side kick role of Rod, the was-concerned-now-I’m-crazy, was executed perfectly by Lil Rel Howry. More than just comic relief, this character moves the story incredibly and provides a perfect anchor to the civil society beyond the property’s gates. 

-Imagery: Jordan Peele really sells the films creepy/eerie moments with good framing and composition. The art aspect of this film is very pronounced and appreciated. 
Low Lights:

-Rose: Again, without revealing too much about the story, Claire’s character undergoes a transition, however everything from her before during and after seems stale and feigned. Yes, I know they’re acting. 

Runtime 104 min, R, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Sci-Fi (in my opinion)

🔥🔥🔥🔥(out of 5)

Award Nominations

SAG Awards:

-Best Lead Actor, Musical or Comedy, Daniel Kaluuya
Golden Globes:

-Outstanding Cast, (I’m not about to name the whole cast)

-Best Lead Actor, Daniel Kaluuya


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