LmnO @ Movie Reviews: Mudbound

Taking place during WW II/Sharecropping era of the South, Mudbound tells the story of the McAllens and the Jacksons, two families’ whose fates are intertwined when the former starts roots in the farm town. Due to racial tensions (aka the threat of White Savagery) the lines between caring and coercive become blurred. When the young adult sons of each family return home from war and form an interracial friendship, their bond is tested as they critique themselves and their places in the world. 



-Mary J. Blige: No more pain? No more drama? Sheeeiyit. While I sneakily suspect Mary signed onto this project to live down this moment 

It was still great to see her emotional range in this project. 

The Cast: although I highlighted Mary J. Blige, every character shined equally in this film. The conflicts and compassion are really felt between the actors.

The Lowlights:

-The Era: While this was a poignant and powerful movie, I’m cool on movies set in this era. No, thank you. 

Runtime 134 min, R, Drama


🔥🔥🔥🔥(out of 5)

Awards Nominations


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