LmnO @ Movie Reviews: Lady Bird

Lady Bird follows the transformation of a Catholic high school senior from passive victim of circumstance into the active agent of her own life’s design in 2002 Sacramento, CA. Not only does her coming of age effect how she relates to her family (especially her mother), friends, and peers, it brings about growth and change (also some settling into behavior pattern) in them as well.


-Events: from the first scene on, this film delivers explosive situation after situation. Even in some of the calmer moments, the underlying themes are quite substantial.

-Character Transformation: this story is great in that almost every character is changed by the end of the film in remarkable fashion.

-Sacramento as a character: for a movie that presents Sacramento as a character of its own, that Sacramento culture is not explored much beyond the haves/have-nots trope. By the time we learn how important the city’s role plays in the protagonists life, we still don’t have any qualities and/or traits to identify that make Sacramento unique.


🔥🔥🔥🔥 (out of 5)

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