LmnO @ Reviews: The Black Panther


After losing his father, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) must succeed him in his role as king of Wakanda, a hidden African nation that harbors the most powerful substance on the planet, and it’s protector, The Black Panther. The ghosts of his father’s misdeeds come to haunt T’Challa when his cousin, an Oakland, CA-born mercenary known as “Killmonger” (played by Michael B. Jordan) makes a powerful effort to stake his claim as heir to the thrown. T’Challa is faced with the challenge of coming to terms with the errors of his predecessors, while ushering Wakanda into a new era of leadership within the nation and among the global community, and stopping his cousin from unleashing terror.

Highlights:Wakanda: The imagining of the fictional African nation was spectacular. Seeing the filmmakers blending the vast landscapes with futuristic-utopian architecture made the nation stand out as a character of it’s own. It was obvious that a lot of time went into the design of Wakanda, and we benefited from it greatly.

The Cast: Everyone in the cast performed spectacular, giving the impression that everyone had a great rapport between takes. An incredible fence in a neighborhood is one that goes unnoticed. While everyone did not give award-winning performances, all actors did an amazing job with what they were tasked.

Killmonger: Michael B. Jordan not only brought local-Oakland spirit to his role as Kilmonger (I’m sure he picked it up portraying the late Oscar Grant in his biopic), he brought the inner turmoil and bottled-up emotions to the surface for this character. Rarely do I encounter a villain in film I want to root for. With Michael B. Jordan’s Killmoger though, humanizing this villain’s struggle makes his activities come across as less sinister plot and more righteous crusade.

Action/Stunts: I wont articulate, it was all dope, though! The stunt team is up for an award that they definitely deserve.

MCU: While treating friends and fanatics of the Marvel Cinematc Universe to some breadcrumbs and cameos, This movie does not at all drench itself in the


Daniel Kaluuya: I don’t even have any negative feedback about his performance, as indicated above. I must, however, acknowledge anything that took me out the story, and for me it was this: Brother’s eyes were redder than a motherfucker!! Either from lack of sleep or excessive celebration (or both) it was hard to ignore. Ben Stein, where you at!?

`🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥(out of 5)


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