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I am just another regular extraordinary man who likes to frequently laugh his nutty nerves off.

4/10 at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Lab 7:30pm Cheap Pair of Jordans 

Pickled Lizard Bottoms!

Issanother Cheap Pair of Jordans in the Lab and we got all the best (plural noun) in (location). Your favorite (plural noun), (famous person) Jordan & (famous animal) Jordan will be on hand to (verb) you into a state of pure (emotion).

(Standup Comedy Hosted by Sean Jordan & Dax Jordan))

Hana Michels
Patrick Keane
Anyi Malik
Bryan Cook

and more!

Tickets $5 Online


4/20 Dorothy Out Chea (Standup + Sketch + Improv) at The Ruby Theater 9pm $5 at door

Out Chea (pronounced ow-chia) is a sketch program featuring an eclectic lineup of the hottest stand-up comedians performing sets and acting in scenes. Produced by iO West’s Leonard Smith Jr. (The Cover Up) and Anyi Malik (Redford), the show cracks jokes on the benign, the scandalous, any and everything in between. Looking for a show that delivers the full comedy experience? We’re “Out Chea!”

Dorothy, a premiere improv Harold team founded in Los Angeles, CA will be joining Out Chea April 20th at the Ruby Theater.

Standup Comics featured:

Jaclyn Marfuggi (Bravo)
Alex Duong (Nickelodeon)

Amarie Lee (TruTV)

Directed by Wil Gelin (Drug Money)

LmnO at #MurderWithFriends tonight on @TYTNetwork with @GraceBaldridge 

Murder With Friends is the newest show on Pop Trigger for those who have a morbid curiosity (pretty much everyone). Hosted by Grace Baldridge, each week friends join to discuss real life murders from throughout history – from serial killers to massacres and assassinations: This is true crime unfiltered.

Anyi Malik featured on the “Tupac and Biggie” episode

part 1: Tupac

Part 2: Notorious B.I.G.

Part 3: Wild Conspiracies