LmnO @ “Conversations Between E-40 & Bill Cosby” revisited

Anyi Malik improvs a conversation between E-40 & Bill Cosby

Haven’t had an opportunity to perform this since “Pop Grits” (waaay before Cosby’s trial), but was ready when Jay Washington came through hecklin’! With a suggestion from Hannah Einbinder, I was able to update the bit and put together a lil animation. Peepeth!

New Project coming!

Anyi Malik Announces New Comedy Project (excerpt from GoFundMe campaign):

I was inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle to independently produce and distribute comedy albums in 2012. “The Marathon” and “The Marathon Continues” resonated so deeply with me, I recorded and released “Lamb Choppin ” without assistance, approval or validation from comedy industry. Continue reading

Melanade Out Chea February 2nd (Groundhog’s Day) 9pm at the Ruby Theater $5 18+ 7518 Sunset Blvd

Sketch + Standup + Improv

Out Chea (Sketch & Standup) | Melanade (Improv)

$5 | 18+ | Tickets | Ruby Theater 7518 Sunset Blvd

Out Chea:

Out Chea (pronounced ow-chia) is a sketch program featuring an eclectic lineup of the hottest stand-up comedians performing sets and acting in scenes. Curated by Anyi Malik (Hulu, Buzzfeed) and directed by Lloyd Collins (Second City/UCB), their show cracks jokes on the benign, the scandalous, any and everything in between. Find them online (@OutCheaSketch) and “Out Chea” at stages all over Los Angeles, CA!

Melanade: Continue reading

LmnO @ Reviews: Vice

This Christian Bale-led biopic follows Dick Cheney’s rise from drunken miscreant to the most powerful man in the country. In this journey, family life, heart attacks, ethics, constitutional & international law prove to be no match to Cheney’s thirst for power.


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LmnO @ Reviews: Bohemian Rhapsody

This biopic follows Freddy Mercury’s (Rami Malek) journey from student to mega star as the lead singer of the band who wrote the song for which the movie is titled, Queen. Parental expectations, societal norms, and music industry standard practices are abandoned in Mercury’s mission to design and define not only his music, but his very being. In his quest, however, he risks his relationships, reputation, and health.


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