Melanade Out Chea February 2nd (Groundhog’s Day) 9pm at the Ruby Theater $5 18+ 7518 Sunset Blvd

Sketch + Standup + Improv

Out Chea (Sketch & Standup) | Melanade (Improv)

$5 | 18+ | Tickets | Ruby Theater 7518 Sunset Blvd

Out Chea:

Out Chea (pronounced ow-chia) is a sketch program featuring an eclectic lineup of the hottest stand-up comedians performing sets and acting in scenes. Curated by Anyi Malik (Hulu, Buzzfeed) and directed by Lloyd Collins (Second City/UCB), their show cracks jokes on the benign, the scandalous, any and everything in between. Find them online (@OutCheaSketch) and “Out Chea” at stages all over Los Angeles, CA!

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1/18 San Francisco, CA- Dangerously Awkward Comedy Show 9pm Trademark & Copyright

Comedy for the Comfortably Uncomfortable”

Trademark & Copyright | 9pm | $5 Tix | 21+


Anyi Malik

Kenan Jerome Floyd

and more!

LmnO @ “Rap Up 2018” by Uncle Murda

It’s finally here! Uncle Murda wrapped the year up as only he can, with the hottest and coldest takes on everything from Cardi B vs Nicki, Pusha T vs Drake, and Kanye vs. Everybody. Production starts like a simple head-nod beat then gets freaked a couple times with some 90’s samples. Even though a lot went on this year, and the track is 9 + minutes, Murda managed to shout it all out seamlessly and without feeling like spending “All day rappin!”

Favorite line: “That Lil Duval song had me upset like/ You got these bum bitches actin like they livin they best life!”


Please let me know your favorite line(s)