Thank You & R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle

“RIP Nipsey Hussle” by Shlome J Hayun “Fallen Legends” series

Nipsey Hussle was the first rapper I slapped when I moved out here. When I say “slap,” I mean the Oakland term for loudly playing one’s music, not palming somebody’s face like Nipsey did infamously at the BET Awards. When I moved from San Pablo Ave. in Oakland to Slauson Ave. in Los Angeles and went to the liquor store and saw Nipsey’s “Bullets ain’t got no names vol. 2” on consignment, I had to purchase it. That was 2008 and I had only been vaguely familiar with Nipsey Hussle. I had no idea then that he would have such an impact on me as a business-minded artist and a growth-minded man. Continue reading


LmnO at “Slick Ways”

I recorded this while alone & Black in South Lake Tahoe during a record snowstorm at Harvey’s Casino. While waiting all day to host the Improv there, Game Brotha Melo sent me this instrumental to ease my Cabin Fever. Enjoy!