Comedy Albums

Pop Grits

Executive Producer: Anyi Malik

Sound Engineer: Jamal Coleman
Art: Ed Greer

Track Listing:

1. Bay2LA

2. Kobe

3. Game/Lebron

4. #ShitShow2016

5. Thor

6. Kimye

7. Caitlyn Jenner

8. Rihanna

9. Chris Brown

10. Jay-Z

11. Notorious B.I.G.

12. Rick Ross

13. Pandora’s Aaliyah Radio

14. Drake

15. Ronda Rousey

16. UFC

17. Jordans and Vans

18. Busta Rhymes

19. Bill Cosby Convo

20. E-40 & Bill Cosby

Dedicated to the memory of Carrie Jean Melvin xo stumblebee


Mariette Malveaux, Doyle Gene Howell Jr., Benjamin Bradford, Kemal Stewart, Armand-Marcus Howell, Dr. Julianne Malveaux, Jeff Zamaria, James Malveaux, Antoinette Malveaux, Haleca Stewart, Carmelo Lopez, The Game Brothas, Radio Reem, Pendarvis Harshaw, Kowan S. McClure Jr., Leon Sykes, Beejus, Kaseem Bentley, Daryus Monday, Greg Edwards, Tony Sparks, Too $hort, Ed Greer, Stroy Moyd, Bobby Night, Kevin Munroe, Sammy Obeid, Chris Riggins, Cassie Dang, Gina Kirkland, Lawrence Har, Alex Leedy, Blake Viglione, Aqua Talent, Elizabeth Aladham, Jamal Coleman, Quincy Johnson II, Papp Johnson, Gil Garibaldo, Brandon West, Jeremy Scippio, Ibo Brewer, Carlos Dardon, Tray Jones, DC is Chillin, DeRay Davis, Chris Newberg, Shanna Christmas, Leslie Small, Feel Woods, Tim Young, Jacob Sirof, Ali Wong, Moshe Kasher, Kevin Avery, Justin Scales, DC Ervin, Molly Schminke, Reeta Piazza, Emilie Lafford, Sarah Mello, Paige Hurwitz, Bob Moran, Jamie Flam, Yassir Lester, Grant Cotter, Marcella Arguello, Reggie Steele (#BayAreaLegends), Jerrod Carmichael, Fuquan Johnson, Zane Helberg, Jonathan Tumblin, Damon Wayans Jr., Eric Alegria, Mary Van Note, Ronn Vigh, Chelse Greaux, Kortney Molle, Chris Edwards, Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, Brian Moses, Erik Marino, Jamar Neighbors, Jay Mandyam, Jerron Horton, Paul Elia, G King, Ryan Reaves, Craig Robinson, Kristal Oates, Chris Reid, Jodi Miller, Sunah Bilsted, Andy Ostroff, Kenny Lion, Chris Gardner, Kevin Light, Joe Fox

RIP Frankie Howell, Paul Malveaux, Angelo Bowers, Kibibi Dillon, Will Ard, David Trabold
Doin’ The Most

Track Listing:

1. Introducing Anyi Malik

2. Instagram Anyi Malik

3. Black Handshake/ Put ‘Er There

4. Blacks and Mexicans Unite

5. Seasoned Comedian

6. Fear of Walruses

7. PETA’s Roaches and Dog Fighting

8. Wrestling is Fake AF/ Thank You

9. Law and Order

10. Callback to Track 5

11. Love is a Battlefield

12. Coming Soon

13. DisFunction Room at Dave & Buster’s Hollywood (album only)

Copyright, 2015



Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. New Years and Holla Days
3. MLK Day
4. Sexting
5. Barack the Vote
6. Hella Lamb Choppin’
7. Oakland Raiders
8. Break a Leg
9. Health Care Policy
10. TI vs. TIP
11. The Stereotype
12. Basketball Diaries
13. Don’t Thank Me
14. Trader Blake’s
15. Herbal Reflections
16. Too Serious to be Stoned
17. Medical Permission
18. Michael Phelps Lung
19. Blunt Surgeon
20. Blunt Flavors
21. Condom Flavors
22. Condom Prices
23. The Bachelor
24. Child’s Play
25. My Demographic
26. Weight Loss Outro

Copyright, 2012

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