#SoWaitWhat Vol. XIII with @MovieMikeScott ft. @DapperDuong & @ThisJordanPerry

Glorious Glorious!! A new episode of “So Wait What” vol. XIII was fire!! 🔥🔥 (even though I show up hella late)


Volume 13 (XIII)….. Lucky number 13 episode we sat with comedians Jordan Perry and Alex Duong. Both comedians participate in Roast Battles held at the Comedy Store. Jordan shared with us his experiences coming from Marietta, GA and growing up with a Father who practices law. Alex tells us about his family from Vietnam and his upbringing in Dallas, TX. Mid episode Anyi Malik joined us and gave us a glimpse of the superstar lifestyle. We also talked about the independent movie he had a role in…… Minus the name….. News tips tackled was the re-launch of the Cosby case and the unfortunate story of the Uber Driver who was hacked to death in Illinois. Download, Share, and Please REVIEW!!!!!….. and DONATE Twitter: @moviemikescott @anyimalik @thisjordanperry @dapperduong @SoWaitWhatpod #sowaitwhat Instagram: @Michaelanthonyscott @thisjordanperry @dapperduong @Anyimalik Follow on Face book: @SoWaitWhat Download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sowaitwhatpodcast/Episode+13.mp3 Please send all donations to PayPal: mscotttv@gmail.com


@SoWaitWhatPod vol. XI with @MovieMikeScott ft. @FreezeLuvComedy & @FatNegroBrickz Please Subscribe

Description: Another FIRE episode!!!!! Me (Michael Anthony Scott) and Anyi Malik chilled in the studio with Brandon Bricks (BuzzFeed) who came to chime in. We also had the well known Freeze Luv (House Party 3, Baby Boy, Malcolm and Eddie, Def Comedy Jam ). Freeze is a legendary comic from Altadena that many of us watched movies he appeared in. He told us how Rodney King (Yes that Rodney King) stole his bike, talked about the 92 riots and growing up in Altadena, CA. This volume also turned into a tribute to Charlie Murphy R.I.P. Freeze was on the road with Charlie for 8 years. Freeze also talked about how he helped out Jay Pharaoh (SNL). He also is apart of Corey Holcomb’s 5150 podcast where Aries Spears was in an altercation in a few weeks ago. We spoke about that, the FBI translator that got turned out on ISIS sex, and the Fyre Festival fiasco. Share and Review for us!!!!! Twitter: @moviemikescott @anyimalik @Freezluvcomedy @SoWaitWhatpod #sowaitwhat Instagram: Michaelanthonyscott Anyimalik   Follow on Face book: @SoWaitWhat Download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sowaitwhatpodcast/So+Wait+What+Ep.+11.mp3 Please visit website and donate: 

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@SoWaitWhatPod Vol. X with @MovieMikeScity ft. @NeillaOlio88 and @SammyObeid #comedy #math #genius #educate

Volume 10…. Episode X…… We bring in Sammy Obeid (Conan, Last Comic Standing, America’s Got Talent) and Ne’illa Olio (XNU Youth & Family Empowerment Advocate). Sammy took time to tell us about doing comedy for ten years transitioning from teaching and this “New math” that has evolved. Ne’illa talks about the element of mixing education with entertainment and how he works with the kids. When we decided to talk about politics we chopped it up even more about NY giving out free tuition in public school and the twist and turns of the law, how the mafia may have something to do with it, Melania Trump and her disappointment being first lady. Leave us a review!!! Share too!!!!  Twitter: @moviemikescott @anyimalik @NEILLAOLIO88 @SammyObeid #sowaitwhat Instagram: Michaelanthonyscott Anyimalik      Follow on Face book: @SoWaitWhat  Download: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sowaitwhatpodcast/So+Wait+What+Episode+10.mp3 Please visit website and donate: https://sowaitwhatpod.wordpress.com

LmnO @ Pop Grits album out NOW!

Pop Grits by Anyi Malik


Anyi Malik Set to Release New Comedy Album Pop Grits via iTunes on October 28
Gut-busting MADD Records Inc. release from stand-up comedian features 20 tracks, hilarious sound bites, opinions and reactions to popular celebrities including Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna, Drake, The Game and more.

Los Angeles, CA – October 25, 2016 – For a decade, comedian Anyi Malik has been routinely performing his clever, somewhat controversial comedy up and down America’s West Coast on such coveted stages as The Punchline San Francisco, The Hollywood Improv and the Comedy Store. On October 28, MADD Records Inc. will make Malik’s third comedy album, Pop Grits, available for purchase on iTunes, with pre-orders currently available.

Pop Grits contains 20 tracks and features hilarious sound bites, opinions and reactions to popular celebrities such as Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna, Drake, The Game and more.  The album was recorded in San Francisco, Ca at Doc’s Lab.

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