1/7 Redford + Garden Party @iOWest 9pm

Redford is an iO House Sketch Team formed from comedians of varying backgrounds (Second City, Groundlings, UCB and iO trained performers) and the leadership of acclaimed comedy director Brett Weiner (dir. Verbatim, official selection of Sundance and SXSW Film Festivals). 

Come see us this and every 1st Sunday of the month for brand new sketch comedy. This month with Garden Party!
21+ tickets $5


LmnO @ the Wake & Bake Podcast with Tema Louise It’s all #9 with Steve Gillespie, Del Harrison and Anyi Malik

This holiblaze edition of the “Wake & Bake” podcast. We yak about successes, love for marijuana and our thoughts on dogs in sweaters (mostly disdain from Anyi) and costumes. Hosted by Tema Louise Sall. “The 420 Friendly Comedy Show” is hosted by Tema Louise Sall every Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. at the Wake & Bake Breakfast Club in North Hollywood, CA. The “Wake & Bake” podcast is recorded live at The World Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood, CA.

LmnO @ Reviews: The Big Sick

The Big Sick is an auto biopic about comedian/rideshare operator Kumail Nanjiani and how an ex girlfriend Emily’s (Zoe Kazan) medical emergency made him challenge his approach to his career, his relationships (familial and romantic), and his self expression. In addition to navigating his performance art and swerving his parents’ (played by Zenobia Shroff and Anupam Kher) attempts to arrange his marriage, he awkwardly comforts Emily’s parents (played by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter) during her crisis.


-The Humor: There is no shortage of serious moments in this film, however the humor that accompanies it is clutch! Whether it’s an awkward glance or perfectly timed comedic response to uncomfortable scenarios, with every dose of medicine there is a spoonful of sugar to pull a laugh out of you just as you’re on the verge of tears(you tears, not me). 

-The Comedy: The portrayal of the comedy game, in general, was perfect! Accurately establishing the comedy scene as an environment without making it a movie all about the scene was appreciated. It was great to see genuine moments that only happen among comedians (i.e. Talking shit about a comic who does the same material every night but when he steps off stage it’s all “wow you crushed!”) used supplemental to illustrate characters and conflicts, as well as move the story along. 

-The Culture: Kumail’s Pakistani heritage and culture are presented in a similar fashion as the comedy culture: insightful but not overbearing. The closest moment to a “culture class” on Pakistan was introduced in the form of an awkward one-man show (redundant, I know) and we as the audience connect with his audience in not-connecting. Also, his family’s immersion in Pakistani culture and Kumail’s immersion of American culture create the perfect conflict in the story. 
The Lowlights:

-the Tropes: boy-meets-girl meet cute: check, “I’m-moving-to-another-city-so-we-might-not-last”: check. Jump-cut-to-sex: check. While this is based on a true story, there are times it seems that story is filtered to fit into the rom-com narrative, which can be be overall forgiven and overlooked, but still worth noting because these moments stand out, in between the tears (again, you tears, not me tears)

Runtime: 120 min, R, Comedy, Drama, Romance

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ (out of 5)
Award Nominations:

SAG Awards

-Best Lead Actor:Kumail Nanjiani

-Best Supporting Actress: Holly Hunter

Golden Globes

-SNUBBED- Seriously,they’re some hoes for that. 

LmnO @ Reviews: I, Tonya

I, Tonya,” the biopic starring Margot Robbie, chronicles disgraced former Olympic skater Tonya Harding’s rise and fall. Inspired by interviews with Harding, her mother LaVon Golden(Allison Janney), and ex-husband Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan) conducted following the discovery of Tonya’s involvement in the attack of skating rival/nemesis Nancy Kerrigan, the film chronicles her being thrust into a cycle of violence and torment at the hands of her mother and husband. 


-The Acting: I was so disgusted and irritated with these characters it took a while for me to snap out of it and realize these are actors. That’s a sure sign of effectiveness. Allison Janney’s portrayal of Tonya’s vile and abusing mother was captivating. Robbie’s Tonya displays the incredible range of victim and aggressor. While her aloof-yet-volatile husband and makes-tough-love-look-like-coddling mother served as antagonists, Harding’s detachment from her treatment of others (“It’s not my fault” is somewhat of a recurring theme) it’s safe to say the movie is all antagonists. Special award for Paul Walter Hauser’s portrayal of the human shitstain, Shawn.

-The Execution: the style in which the story is told, jumping from scenes to interviews and even some visual effects was spectacular (especially husband in every room of empty house)

The Lowlights:

-(some) Narration: a couple (if not a few) times is the film, Tonya breaks scene and narrates to camera. I can’t stand that “Zach Morris/Clarissa Explains-It-All” none sense. Not as a kid. Not as an adult.
Runtime: 119 min, R, Biography/Drama/Sport

This was me the whole flick☝🏾️
πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ (out of 5)



-Best Lead Actress, Margot Robbie

-Best Supporting Actress, Allison Janney
Golden Globe Awards:

-Best Movie

-Best Lead Actress, Margot Robbie

-Best Supporting Actress, Allison Janney

LmnO @ the Screen Actors Guild Awards and Screeners!

Mama we made it! Well- kinda.. I spent a grip to pay my SAG dues and become eleogible to receive the fabled AWARDS SCREENER (award-nominated films sent to SAG-AFTRA members to consider when voting). To celebrate/commemorate my Ascension to this status, I’m going to watch those movies and review them here. After I do all that, I’ll break down my pick for categories, maybe. Gotta do something with my time other than auditions, shows and open mics, right!?

These are the movies I should be checking out:

So Far I’ve received:

-Get Out

-Big Sick

-I, Tonya

I watched I, Tonya and have already seen Get Out in theaters and on HBO so they’ll probably be first. 

Redford Garden Party (Sketch Comedy Show) 12/3 @ioWest 9pm $5 21+ 6366 Hollywood blvd Los Angeles Ca 90028


Redford hit the streets of Hollywood and interviewed people about their favorite holiday memory & we’ve turned those interviews into sketches!!

Tix only $5!!

First up is Garden Party:
Colin Contreary
Megan Kathleen Duffy
Lindsay ‘Nouis’ Guzzardo
Matt Harbert
Sylvia Kolb
Donna LoBello
Eamon R. McIvor
Sunanda Sachatrakul
Rob Warner
and Sean Will!

Coach Jeremy Briggs

Then Redford:
Tim Banning
Julie Birke
Kimia Beehpoornia
Katie Wilbert
Anyi Malik
Rachel LaForce
Bill Kessler
Owen Robinson
Michael Trubiano
Evan Watkins

Directed by Brett Weiner

LmnO @ When I Played a Doctor on TV

I am NOT Dr. Stephen Meyers, but you’ll never see him and myself in the same room at the same time. Nah, I confess. It was me. I remember shooting this in 2014 thinking I’d be a defendant’s character witness. Apparently, the actor castes as Defendant already appeared on the show and tried to be all slick-like and attempted to double-dip on the low like they wouldn’t notice. They almost didn’t, but they did.  So producers had to cook up a new scenario. Shouts out to Mr. Slick Double-Dip tho for almost being a series regular on court TV, he tried. Valiant Effort

Great chance to meet and work with the comedian and actress Jessica Wellington. She takes a beating in the comments, which is fucked up cause . She’s hella cool tho (NOT a racist) and hilarious. 

I’m grateful to whoever posted full case, though. I was also grateful to a friend who lost his shit while watching the drama unfold. He recognized me and blew the whole thing up on his feed. 

Wow, right?