LmnO @ SAG Awards and Reviews

Tonight, the SAG Awards comes on TV. This is the first year I get to participate and vote as a member. I was so excited about this and reviewing the screeners for voting consideration, I watched and reviewed them here on the Blog.

Check it!

I, Tonya

The Big Sick

Get Out

Call Me By Your Name

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri


Shape of Water

Lady Bird

Darkest Hour


LmnO @ Reviews: Call Me By Your Name

Set in 1980’s North Italy, Call Me By Your Name is a coming of age tale about a 17 year old musician (Timothée Chalamet) who develops romantic feelings for his father’s houseguest (Armie Hammer). The two spend the summer exploring their taboo attraction. 


-Shots: A lot of the shots were set up beautifully. North Italy really shines in this film. 

-Themes: If you can catch them, the symbolism and foreshadowing throughout the film brings you closer to the story. 

-Coming of Age all over the place: even though done tastefully, the exploration of the couples’ sensuality, after a while, felt frivolous. I mean, the main character had an “American Pie” moment. 

-Uneventfulness: Without giving up any spoils, I’ll just say that this is a 132 min film that could’ve been knocked out in 90. Some parts were repetitive and the dramatic elements weren’t highlighted enough. 

Runtime 132, R, Drama, Romance


🔥🔥🔥(out of 5)
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