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Chat… Maybe Cat #4

Chat… Maybe Cat #4

anyimalik is live! Chat… Maybe Cat #4

Anyi Malik and Fido the Cat (appears 19:27) at ring in 2019 chatting about the following: New Years Eve shenanigans, New Years Day hangover, black eyes peas, and a “Dry January” challenge (0:32), “Why I won’t take your photo.” (10:10), Grattude Shoutouts (15:48), “Let’s Connect” networking mixer at the Parlor and “Let’s Make It Happen, Hollywood” (17:30), the Fido & Anyi origin story (22:22), 2018 wrap ups from Uncle Murda, Joe Budden and Charlemagne the God (33:33), Hassan Minhaj (39:20), Tiffany Haddish (42:57), US Strategic Command bombs a joke on Twitter (49:47), scientific researchers say “cuteness” can often lead to thoughts of aggression and violence (50:45), Punisher season 2 (52:50).

Chat.. Maybe Cat #2

“Chat… Maybe Cat” #2 Anyi Malik discusses, in no particular order, Layzie Bone vs. Migos, his parents’ failed marriage, holiday visitors & house guests, the “Friend Zone” (going in & out), Kwanzaa, the musical “Wicked,” and “The Wife” starring Glenn Close. He is joined by his co-host, Fido the Cat at 23:44.