The Wing Set (comedy EP)

artwork by Ed Greer

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Bringing the heat AND the sauce

Anyi Malik jokes about life, death, dating and the quality of chicken in this EP, recorded in Hollywood, CA.

Label/Distribution: Anyi Malik/MADD Records/The Orchard

Audio: Brion “Rossi Mac” Abrams

Art: Ed Greer

Video: Daniel Valencia

Venue: The Hollywood Comedy

Feature Artists: Demar Randy, Shanice Antonia


-Dave Helem, standup Comedian/writer


-Dante Powell, standup comedian

”LOVE this!”

-Andre Kelley, Comedian/Host

Winter Pass Project: The Inception

Anyi Malik filming for “Don’t Worry Bout It” music video

I had an idea. I wanted to do another release project, but didn’t have the initial capital or footage. I thought, “what if, instead of asking for donations, I could sell tickets to my entire creative process?” From the performances themselves (whether someone could physically be there or not) to early drafts of the associated media (artwork, raw video/audio files, etc). This is how my first COMEDY PASS came to be.

“Don’t Worry About It” Music Video

I was on the set of a music video I was starting in (“Don’t Worry About It” by Demar Randy ft. Shanice Antonia and yours truly) when the idea came to me. I already have this idea for my 7th comedy project (like the 6th project, comprised of many releases) and shared the Creative Passport concept with Darrien Sills-Evans, director and producer of the video. “Let me know if you want to shoot something,” he said before going back to setting up a shot for the music video. “Hell yeah,” I replied!

Rough Winter 2022 Show schedule

I set up space on my website announcing the project and how folks can gain early access via a secret, unlisted page on my site with exclusive content and streamed shows. By purchasing tickets on Eventbrite, an individual would receive the secret link in the confirmation email. Additionally there were other ways to obtain the link.

New Release info on Anyi Malik’s Web Sight

The Winter Comedy Show Pass has ended, as did the season. Although I’m now focused on the current Comedy Pass (Gateway Plug Comedy Show Pass), it was this event that inspired me to take a lot more things into my own hands than I had realized. In this short blog series, I will chronicle the journey of this event, which was supposed to churn out a release project, but ended up resulting in TWO projects! Each entry will feature exclusive footage made only available to those with the links to them and YOU, reading this blog. Enjoy! Next Up: OXNARD 30

69nyi MaliXXX: Hilarity, Technology and Sex

For his 6th comedy album, Anyi Malik navigates Hilarity, Technology and (mostly) Sex. To do so, he reenvisions himself as “69nyi MaliXXX,” a cyber-organic being in an unfamiliar time. Produced entirely under COVID-19 influenced stay at home orders, Malik merges past, present and future spent awarenesses to express his humor. In addition to the live-streamed performance and the Pre Coronial era recorded title track, 69nyi MaliXXX: Hilarity, Technology and Sex also displays his freestyle rap ability on the high energy “Bars @ Noon” track. Anyi Malik’s exploration into blending abilities and eras is joined by promotional partners Kegelbell and West West Clothing increasing the funny’s bandwidth for crucial connection. SUCCESS!