LmnO @ my feature with VoyageLA Magazine

Check out the interview here! Big shout out to Jonathan V Booker 📷and West West Clothing 👕.


Wax on Wednesday: “You Wasn’t Outside” pt. 5 by DJ Efsclusive


DJ Efsclusive


It’s been a while since I heard a mixtape. This was a fire reawakening of a lost art!

Track List:

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LmnO @ Talmbout Tuesday! (You need some free electricity. Static Shock or Storm?)

Who is more likely to hook you up with some free electricity? Static Shock or Storm?

IMO: storm is a goddess. She would help a village restore some electricity but not you as an individual. Static shock comes from the struggle, he got your back!


LmnO @ Meeting Nipsey Hussle on a Movie Set

I actually met the brotha twice! The first time I met him, it was at the Parlor on Melrose Ave. for a friend’s birthday celebration. This was some time after Mailbox Money was released, but before the Grammy nominated Victory Lap. Not only was I a fan, his Marathon mixtapes inspired me to self release my own comedy albums after buying his CDs from the corner store near my apartment at the time near Slauson Ave., seeing him in real life at an event like that caught me off guard. I had to introduce myself in a non “clout-chasing” kind of way. Do I tell him how juiced I get yelling at my device, “Hey Siri, play “Mailbox Money” or how I felt like after downloading so many of his albums on DatPiff that I had to get some clothing from his shop? “Hey, bru. Thank you for them Marathons,” I said as I shook his hand while we crossed paths. Yeah. That was cool. I kept it pushin.

Time passed. Victory Lap had been released and was getting Grammy buzz. I had booked my first role in big budget film. Not sure if I’m at liberty to discuss details of the film, itself, so I’ll save all that for another post. I will say though, it was a huge shoot with a who’s-who cast of comedian actors. Even the costume designer was a film legend (before winning an Oscar later that year)!

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