Redford Garden Party (Sketch Comedy Show) 12/3 @ioWest 9pm $5 21+ 6366 Hollywood blvd Los Angeles Ca 90028


Redford hit the streets of Hollywood and interviewed people about their favorite holiday memory & we’ve turned those interviews into sketches!!

Tix only $5!!

First up is Garden Party:
Colin Contreary
Megan Kathleen Duffy
Lindsay ‘Nouis’ Guzzardo
Matt Harbert
Sylvia Kolb
Donna LoBello
Eamon R. McIvor
Sunanda Sachatrakul
Rob Warner
and Sean Will!

Coach Jeremy Briggs

Then Redford:
Tim Banning
Julie Birke
Kimia Beehpoornia
Katie Wilbert
Anyi Malik
Rachel LaForce
Bill Kessler
Owen Robinson
Michael Trubiano
Evan Watkins

Directed by Brett Weiner


LmnO @ When I Played a Doctor on TV

I am NOT Dr. Stephen Meyers, but you’ll never see him and myself in the same room at the same time. Nah, I confess. It was me. I remember shooting this in 2014 thinking I’d be a defendant’s character witness. Apparently, the actor castes as Defendant already appeared on the show and tried to be all slick-like and attempted to double-dip on the low like they wouldn’t notice. They almost didn’t, but they did.  So producers had to cook up a new scenario. Shouts out to Mr. Slick Double-Dip tho for almost being a series regular on court TV, he tried. Valiant Effort

Great chance to meet and work with the comedian and actress Jessica Wellington. She takes a beating in the comments, which is fucked up cause . She’s hella cool tho (NOT a racist) and hilarious. 

I’m grateful to whoever posted full case, though. I was also grateful to a friend who lost his shit while watching the drama unfold. He recognized me and blew the whole thing up on his feed. 

Wow, right?