69nyi MaliXXX: Hilarity, Technology and Sex

For his 6th comedy album, Anyi Malik navigates Hilarity, Technology and (mostly) Sex. To do so, he reenvisions himself as “69nyi MaliXXX,” a cyber-organic being in an unfamiliar time. Produced entirely under COVID-19 influenced stay at home orders, Malik merges past, present and future spent awarenesses to express his humor. In addition to the live-streamed performance and the Pre Coronial era recorded title track, 69nyi MaliXXX: Hilarity, Technology and Sex also displays his freestyle rap ability on the high energy “Bars @ Noon” track. Anyi Malik’s exploration into blending abilities and eras is joined by promotional partners Kegelbell and West West Clothing increasing the funny’s bandwidth for crucial connection. SUCCESS!

The Sacrament Tho

The Sacrament Tho
Anyi Malik
(MADD Records, Anyi Malik)
Anyi Malik’s 5th album The Sacrament Tho was inspired by the loss of Nipsey Hussle, who Malik attributes as the inspiration to begin self-producing his comedy albums since 2012. In a videoafter the rapper’s demise Anyi Malik stated “When he released The Marathonand The Marathon Continues, that inspired, energized and motivated me, as a comedian, to get off my ass.” Chronicling a time period in which Anyi performed shows in the Sacramento, Reno and Tahoe regions of California, in which he experienced a record snow storm (where he recorded “Slick Ways” while locked in a hotel room) and wild turkeys! This album features the comedian not only making light of standard fare such as weed, dating and Las Vegas, but also transmuting the frustration of enduring a racist catholic elementary school environment and the pain of the tragic loss of a lover. This project proves Anyi Malik has the stamina to joke through whatever lies ahead on his comedic journey… except for walruses. He is not ready for those!!

Five years ago, July 5th, 2015, my world was rocked when I witnessed the murder

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Bars @ Noon XIII

Anyi Malik performs an amazing feat in addition to dropping bars on 3 beats in the 13th episode of Bars @ Noon.

Bars @ Noon XII

Bars @ Noon #12 featured Anyi Malik free styling over 3 beats with a love/hate relationship to the numeric value assigned to the episode. Comedian Stroy Moyd also drops by to give a shout out! New bars Monday’s and Fridays at 12 Noon PST on IG Live (@AnyiMalik)

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