LmnO @ Aaron Explains the Universe podcast “Leave the Pu$$y Better Than You Found It” episode

Slid thru Dr. Aaron Ram Powell’s podcast “Aaron Explains the Universe” (rather he slid thru on me!) the other day. We broke it ALL down. stuff like:

-The Journey

-My Comedy Origins

-Walking Workouts


-New Hair Growth

-Coming of Age

-Cos-titutes (Cosplay Groupies & Hoes)


-Tranny Game

-Domino School

-DM Optimization

-Sex Stuff

-and more!


4/10 at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Lab 7:30pm Cheap Pair of Jordans 

Pickled Lizard Bottoms!

Issanother Cheap Pair of Jordans in the Lab and we got all the best (plural noun) in (location). Your favorite (plural noun), (famous person) Jordan & (famous animal) Jordan will be on hand to (verb) you into a state of pure (emotion).

(Standup Comedy Hosted by Sean Jordan & Dax Jordan))

Hana Michels
Patrick Keane
Anyi Malik
Bryan Cook

and more!

Tickets $5 Online