Wing Set Merch Giveaway

Wing Set Merch Giveaway

The Wing Set Merch Giveaway is HERE!

How to Enter:

1) Purchase a ticket to any upcoming live show or any item from the IG Shop (you may Venmo/Cashapp ‘AnyiMalik’ your order total + $9 s+h), or NFT, send screenshot (1 !Point/ $1 spent + 1 !Point/ activity performed)

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Grand Prize (Choose any item + win UNRELEASED merch) 1st and 2nd Place Winners with most !Points announced, 3rd place winners drawn live on YouTube 8/21

“BABY PALPATINE PACK” mini giveaway Saturday, July 30 2022 12 noon PDT

The Wing Set (comedy EP)

artwork by Ed Greer

Apple Music | Tidal | Spotify | Vevo

Bringing the heat AND the sauce

Anyi Malik jokes about life, death, dating and the quality of chicken in this EP, recorded in Hollywood, CA.

Label/Distribution: Anyi Malik/MADD Records/The Orchard

Audio: Brion “Rossi Mac” Abrams

Art: Ed Greer

Video: Daniel Valencia

Venue: The Hollywood Comedy

Feature Artists: Demar Randy, Shanice Antonia


-Dave Helem, standup Comedian/writer


-Dante Powell, standup comedian

”LOVE this!”

-Andre Kelley, Comedian/Host

LmnO @ this “Headphone Heckler”

Let me just start by saying WOW. This was at a comedy contest I was performing and not competing at. I didn’t care about the $1,000 prize. I was there to get off the bars. The dude with the headphones on who came and sat in the front whilst jamming WAS/IS a comedian/contestant. hopefully I can make $1k+ from YouTube monetization! *fingers crossed 🤞🏾🤞🏾

Winter Pass Project: Fresh Comedy Jam

Although I had already performed the set I was going to use for the Wing Set EP, I still had shows left in Winter Comedy Pass to hit up. Hosted by Kil Theoderik, Fresh Comedy Jam is probably the dopest show happening in North Hollywood. I came thru and had hella fun! Shouts out to Clayton Thomas “my mentor” in the back of the room.

Winter Pass Project: Roast Battle Pre-Show Struggle

taken by Pamela Sisson at the World Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood, CA

Since I had decided to run with the Hollywood Comedy footage for the next release (The Wing Set EP), I took a little creative license at the Roast Battle Pre-Show and worked out some material I’d like to release soon in other projects.

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Winter Pass Project: Hollywood Comedy Full Wing Set

This show I had some help running the live stream from another comedian on the come up, Qalil Ismail. I didn’t exactly know this set would be the one I use for The Wing Set, but I knew there was another camera angle that was much higher quality than my stream’s.

Rough Draft of ColonelFace (Ed Greer x Anyi Malik)

I already had a rough draft of the image I wanted to use for the cover art, so I was already committed, locked and loaded with the material. The energy from the show was a bizarre mix of rowdy and ready! It was diverse for the most part, but you can tell by listening that FOLKS were in the house. Watch above in HD or check the footage from the stream. Marvel in how the two angles were merged to bring you the EP.